Editorial Team

Editorial Team

Founding Editors: Christy Desmet (deceased) and Sujata Iyengar, University of Georgia

General Editors: Sujata Iyengar, University of Georgia; Matthew Kozusko, Ursinus College; Louise Geddes, Adelphi University

Associate Editor, Appropriations in Performance: Lisa Robinson, St. Johns University

Associate Editor, Digital Appropriations: Vanessa Corredera, Andrews University

Book Review Editor: Molly Hand, Florida State University

Notes Editor: Nora Williams, University of Essex

Managing and Website Editor: Geoffrey Way, Arizona Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies


Past Editorial Team Members (updates in process)

Associate Editor (emeritus): Robert Sawyer, East Tennessee State University

Associate Editor, Appropriations in Performance: Jim Casey

Digital Archivists: Mikaela LaFave and Georgia Earley, University of Georgia


External Editorial Board (updates in process; please excuse delays)

Patricia Akhimie (2022-25)

Ariane Balizet, TCU (2019-22)

Mark Thornton Burnett, Queen’s University, Belfast 

Richard Burt, University of Florida

Thomas Cartelli, Muhlenberg College

Vanessa Corredera, Andrews University (2020-23)

Daniel Fischlin, University of Guelph, Ontario 

Sarah Hatchuel, University of Le Havre (2020-23)

Alexa Alice Joubin, George Washington University 

Jeffrey Kahan, University of La Verne

Joyce Green MacDonald, University of Kentucky (2021-24)

Sharon O'Dair, University of Alabama

Laurie Osborne, Colby College

Monique Pittman, Andrews University (2019-22)

Katherine Rowe, College of William and Mary

Anne Russell, Wilfrid Laurier University

Jyotsna Singh, Michigan State University (2021-24)

Bruce Smith, University of Southern California

Lisa S. Starks, University of South Florida St. Petersburg