Ambiguous Juliets, or Never Have I Ever…written nearly 2000 words about less than a second of Shakespeare on screen


  • Sujata Iyengar



This note identifies characters in Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher’s streaming teen television series Never Have I Ever (2021) as “ambiguous Juliets,” based on the lead character’s momentary framing with a copy of Romeo and Juliet before a climactic balcony or window-scene.

Author Biography

Sujata Iyengar

Sujata Iyengar, Professor of English at the University of Georgia, is author of Shades of Difference: Mythologies of Skin Color and Race in Early Modern England (2005), Shakespeare’s Medical Language (2011), the forthcoming Shakespeare and Adaptation Theory, and many essays on Shakespeare, adaptation, early modern race, book history, and feminist art. Co-editor (with Miriam Jacobson and the late Christy Desmet) Handbook to Shakespeare and Global Appropriation (Routledge), she is a founding editor of the award-winning, born-digital, multimedia periodical Borrowers and Lenders: The Journal of Shakespeare and Appropriation, which she continues to co-edit with Matt Kozusko and Louise Geddes.